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In the Cotentin region, professionals are taking care of your pets this summer.

It is not always easy to get your pets looked after, and in the Cotentin, several professionals offer to look after your pets during your holidays.

She’s called the animal nanny, and for good reason, she spends all day pampering her residents.After a career as a specialist assistant to a veterinarian, Aude Génin-Muchery has turned to cat and dog care.

First at home, directly in people’s homes, then at home since February 2020, in Canteloup (Manche), where she has had a building built that will eventually allow her to accommodate ten dogs.

Each resident of “Aude Z’animo” has his own room of 8 m2, his private courtyard overlooking an exterior of 4 m2, and also 500 m2 of lawn to stretch his legs.

From floor to ceiling, everything is done to make them feel at home, and a heating system with an individual thermostat even regulates the temperature in winter.

Apart from all this, we also have a website that sells second-hand accessories and toys for pets, so even at home our pets won’t be bored.

Like at home

While waiting for a fence to be installed, Aude walks her residents two or three times a day.She was already giving priority to the welfare of the animals when she was a nanny at home, she explains:

Some customers even wanted me to visit their cat twice a day. Cats are independent, but they don’t like solitude.

Felines are also welcome, and they have another building with all the comforts dedicated to them, with rooms of 8 m2.

And they will soon have individual access to a sheltered outdoor courtyard with a view of nature.At the moment, they have cat trees, cushions, kitten porticoes, toys and even the radio at their disposal.

On top of all this, Aude advises owners to bring something from home to make their cat feel at home.

In order to better receive the animals entrusted to her, the professional prefers to have a first contact with them, to understand their character, understand their habits in order to respect them and create a reassuring bond.

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