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Is it still a long way off, the "highway of pleasure"?

When the present depresses us, we can either rehash the past (ah, those happy days when we could kiss strangers openly in stadiums), or look to the future, preferably a happy future, spared by scenarios spoilers for collapsologists: no, our ecstasies are not mortally threatened by porn, feminism, the climate, commercialism, the pandemic - on the other hand they are certainly threatened by the ambient pessimism (high hearts, comrades).

Where to find happy alternatives? On the side of a strange mix of foresight and science fiction, published on October 28 in Flammarion: Futur, notre futur de A à Z (also available in digital version).The 670-page primer, signed by the specialist in prospective Antoine Buéno, lets foresee various possible futures - sometimes utopian, sometimes dystopian.With a real sense of priorities, since somewhere between “Agriculture” and “Zoonosis”, there is “Sex”.

Let's start with the initial observation, which hurts (it will get better afterwards).For Antoine Buéno, “we don't know what sex is (…) Looked at objectively, the primitive sexual tools that we enjoy appear in all their avarice: very rare erogenous zones, extended over small skin surfaces and a more than limited orgasmic capacity."

Are we still living in the Stone Age of sexuality? This is the author's thesis (you have the right to disagree: personally, I believe that we live in the age of the silicone of sexuality) .According to Antoine Buéno, we Cro-Magnons we would not yet have transformed the erotic vital function into art; we would not yet have led the real sexual revolution.

Posted Date: 2020-11-12

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